[noun] 1. The action of helping or doing work for someone

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Plain speaking is part of the philosophy of Quay Croft. This can be seen, not just in our written communications, but in our service offerings too. We have created three standard offerings to choose from along with a custom service for the situations where your needs are more complicated.
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This is a full service to manage all aspects of your development. We start with ensuring that accurate, detailed budgets are in place, create long term service plans for major works. We then set the service charges. We bill customers and actively chase debt. We also manage your suppliers, ensure they are undertaking the works correctly and make sure they are paid on time. [More..]

Orange House
If you just want the maintenance work managed, no problem. We provide a comprehensive property management service. We review the contracts you have with your suppliers. Monitor and liaise with contractors, check completed works to ensure they match the order and sign off. We can provide specifications for additional works, manage the tender process and raise purchase orders for the works. Everything you need to get things done. [More..]

Red House
Our finance service provides comprehensive management of all the accounting and payment management for your development. We start with defining the budgets and producing long term maintenance schedules. these enable us to produce service charge budgets which we send to the owners and leasees. We manage the payments from customers and the all important payments to suppliers to make sure all is correct and conforms with the billed amounts. We produce statutory accounts and ensure that the correct documents are filed with the relevant authorities as required [More..]

RICS Service Charge Residential Management Code

Now in its second edition, the management code is the standard which details the duties of a Managing Agent. In the absence of an industry regulator, compliance with this code is the only way of ensuring a comprehensive service.

It should be noted that the code is only applicable to leasehold properties. However, it is generally adopted for all properties where a service charge is applicable.

Most managing agents will say they have adopted the management code. It is worth checking if the person you are dealing with knows what it contains; Many have never even seen it!

All agents are not equal...  

As managing agents are not regulated, it is not difficult to open shop as an Agent. In fact, the number of new agents has increased in recent years as estate and letting agents have expanded their portfolio of services in order to stay solvent through the recession. These organisations are not specialist managing agents. Can they keep on top of legislation? Are they really focussed on Managing your development with the attention to detail that you would wish for your home?
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