[noun] 1. principles or standards of behaviour; one's judgement of what is important in life

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The management of residential developments requires attention to detail from specialised individuals. It is the care with which the management is undertaken that makes all the difference. We ask you to consider specialised Managing Agents who approach their business from a personal and proactive point of view rather than the 'Stack it high, sell it cheap' mentality.

About us
Quay Croft is a family owned business, our directors have a combined experience of over twenty years of successful service delivery in the highly competitive commercial sector.
Because we are family run, we understand the importance of long-term relationships better than anybody, and we’re bringing this knowledge and expertise into the residential sector.

Critical to our philosophy is being close to our customers – being with them on a daily basis, not stuck in a corporate office building in a management meeting.

Being family owned means we don’t have the same labour turnover typical of larger agents either. This means that the person assigned to your contract will be with you for the duration, not just the few months after the contract is signed.

Shared Values

Being family run means that we all share the same goals and objectives. This means that there is no in-fighting, no office politics and definitely no hidden agendas. In fact, we have a complete absence of the corporate management issues that weigh down large organisations.

We don't suffer from over inflated directors bonuses either... In fact, we all get along together very well. Sounds too good to be true?    Well the message we are trying to get across is that our energies are focussed on doing a great job for our customers not playing internal politics in order to get that corner office or the keys to the executive lounge..

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